Distributors & Contract Manufacturer of HDPE Drums, Jerrycans, Pails & Bins

We supply Quality HDPE (Plastic) Drums,Jerrycans & Bins.WPB240PF

We serve customers in the Chemical, Food and Environmental related Industries.

Our Products includes :

  • 5L to 33L (HDPE) Jerrycans
  • 18L & 20L (PP) Pails
  • HDPE DRUMS – 110L to 225L (Open Top)
  • HDPE Drums UN – 110L to 220L (Close Head)
  • Mobile Refuse Bins
  • Chute Bins
  • Standing Bins
  • Recycle Bins
  • Post Mounted Bins
  • Compost Bin

Download our Full PDF catalogue of all bin products now.