110 to 220 Litres HDPE Drums

A drum is a cylindrical container used for shipping bulk goods. Drums can be made of steel, dense paperboard(Commonly called Cardboard drums) or plastics, and are generally used for the transportation of certain dangerous materials or modest quantities of bulk goods. For caustic and acid materials, plastics, usually thermoplastics like Nylon, Polystyrene, Polyvinyl chlorides (PVCs) or possibly Polycarbonates are the preferred shipping container; for flammable substances like most petroleum distillates, and alcohol, etc., metal containersare the standard.

Which type is used for shipping non-corrosive industrial chemicals would depend on the chemicals or materials, but the general rule would be to use the container type that is inert or non-reactive with the material being shipped.

220L HDPE Drums, UN Marking suitable for harzardous material use 220L Standard HDPE Drum for less restrictive packaging like edible oils.

UN Mark UN certified       Standard Drum

Double L-Ring           Double L-Ring

Net Weight 10.5kg     Net Weight 9.5kg

It is common to hear a drum referred to as a barrel in the United States, and some would argue that barrels hold liquids while drums are open topped, but in every day style English usage, the two terms are used interchangeably. Drums such as these have a standard nominal volume of 220 Liters and are referred to properly as 220L plastic drums.

The two common sub-types of drums are the open top and the welded top (with 2” bung holes). The later are almost universally called ‘barrels’ in preference to drums in the US. They cannot efficaciously either dispense or be filled with powdered goods, though they might store them very well, so are not used for such goods, being reserved for liquids transport and storage.

Plastic drums are manufactured using injection blow moulding technology. Metal drums are hot rolled into long pipe-like sections then Forged on a Stamping Press while still red hot into drum bodys. A welded rolled seam, is then made for the drum bottom, or bottom and top both.

220L HDPE Light weight drum, cost effective bulk packaging solution 220L HDPE Single L-Ring drum for most cost effective bulk packaging solution

Light Weight Drum            Light Weight Drum

Double L-Ring                      Single L-Ring

Net Weight 9.0kg                Net Weight 8.0kg

Standard drums have reinforcing rings of thickened metal or plastic at four places: Top, Bottom, and one each a third of the way from each end ring. This sufficiently strengthens them so that they can be readily be turned on their sides and rolled when filled with heavy materials, like liquids. Over short to medium distances, drums are generally tipped and rolled on the bottom rim while being held at an angle, balanced, and rotated with a two handed top grip that also supplies the torque (rotational or rolling force).

The open top sub-type is sealed by a mechanical ring clamp(concave inwards) that exerts sufficient pressure to hold many non-volatile liquids and make an air tight seal against a gasket, as it exerts force inward and downward when tightened by a normal three-quarter inch wrench or rachet wrench.

220L_Open_Top_Drum_standing 220L_Open_Top_Drum_Fastening_Clamp

Open Top Drum                Open Top Drum with Snap Lock Fastener

Gross Weight 11.0kg

Tops exist with bung holes as above, and these hybrid drums cum lid can be used to ship many non-volatile liquids as well as industrial powders. Many drums are used to ship and store powdered products as well as liquids, such as plastic beads for injection moulding, extrusion, and purified industrial grade powders like cleansers (e.g., fertilizers, and powered aluminum). If used to transport dangerous goods across international boundaries, they may need to have UN certification. In general, drum usage is limited to wholesale distribution of bulk products, which are then further processed or sub-divided in a factory.

110L Drums  MP220L UN DRUM


MP220L UN DRUM TOP   MP225 with clipseal cover


MP225   225L open top Green DRUM (green cover)